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Advertisement – Continue Reading Below Photo: Getty If Taylor Swift had a dime for every time she’s been asked, “So, are you a feminist? Olivia Benson is her cat , and the year-old singer already has enough money to do all that, but you get the point. Of course, this isn’t unique to Swift. I’d counter, shouldn’t the fact that Swift, an time CMA winner who’s decided to make “blatant pop music” instead of country tunes be a more interesting topic of conversation than the fact that she’s been dateless for a while? But when she addressed the matter in a recent interview—she’s been doing a lot of them in advance of Monday’s release—I was actually really, really relieved. Taylor’s answer not only revealed her commitment to feminism while also making me respect that career , but it also made me question the position we’ve put her in. And on many levels, it just made me think. That’s right, Taylor Swift got all up in my brain parts.

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WonderHowTo Pumpkin pie is a symbol of autumn, and it’s the traditional dessert to whip up for your fam when Thanksgiving Day arrives. But year after year of the same old thing can be a total bore if you’re not a strict traditionalist. So, we found 8 unique ways to make that pie a little less snooze-fest and a little more interesting.

Mascarpone Whipped Cream Every dessert can be instantly better with some good old-fashioned whipped cream. However, if you’re looking to change it up, try making it with mascarpone: Stress Baking has an excellent mascarpone whipped cream recipe that is both easy and delicious.

Poem of the Masses. my smile melts with confusion artisticly enhanced she titty-danced her clients glanced at her mammarily-expansed bust, de-pantsed.

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Our hearts are full of gratitude and love, and for me, I love to reminisce about past Thanksgivings too! I think back to big family gatherings with tons of cousins running around, and a giant feast on the table. My memories of Grandma? She always took the job of peeling potatoes. We also never ventured outside of the traditional Thanksgiving meal, which makes me to this day love the comfort foods of turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, jello salad, rolls, and an amazing crudit platter with plenty of olives.

How to sell online dating when the product is you. A new Apple Watch campaign which is a matter of life & death. The Pitch smashes brand avocado & a look at who we were & how far we’ve come in Ads You Couldn’t Make in

By Pat Mora Age Level: Drawing on oral and lyrical traditions, this book honors the grace and spirit of mothers, daughters, lovers, and goddesses. From a tribute to Frida Kahlo to advice from an Aztec goddess, the poems explore the intimate and sacred spaces of borderlands through many voices: Colores de la Vida: Little kids love colors, they love animals, and they love the sounds of words.

Colores de la Vida, the third in the highly successful series First Concepts in Mexican Folk Art, combines all these elements to teach early learners about color. Leggy red giraffes, pink cows, purple rabbits — the Oaxacan folk artists who contributed to this book unleashed their imaginations and went wild with color. Young children will delight in the bright colors of the Oaxacan rainbow while folk art collectors will marvel at the whimsical handcrafts. Alfonso Cruz Espinosa was born into the loving arms of his parents in in Los Angeles.

There they moved from labor camp to labor camp, facing the hardships many Depression-era workers encountered, multiplied by the fact that discrimination against non-white workers was blatant and widespread. A tale lovingly told by Espinosa’s daughter, El Caracol is a beautiful testament to the strength and tenacity of the human spirit. Cynthia Weill’s book of Mexican folk art teaches kids about opposites in Spanish and English!

These whimsical little animals from Oaxaca, carved and painted by hand, make learning about opposites fun. Up and down, tall and short, left and right — all inside a beautiful book.

One ton pumpkin smashes world record

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My eyes were bloodshot red and face was flushed pink from my previous crying spree, why was I like this? I let go of the sink, hands going down to pinch the skin on my soft thighs. There was no doubt I was insecure about the way I looked, I had seen the models and stick thin women Nick had worked with, their looks being not so similar to my own.

Letting go of my thick thighs I forced myself to look in the mirror, the vicious thoughts and opinions already running wild around my brain. People often told me that I was fine the way I was and that I should be happy with myself. I wanted so hard to believe that was true and finally be able to smile at my own reflection; yet here i was, angrily hating on myself for the extra weight I carried. Plus size, a phrase that was loosely thrown around when the tabloids talked about Nicks Girlfriend, me.

Did it really matter? Shaking my head I brushed out my creased bed top and switched off the light before exiting the small bathroom. My feet padded softly on the wooden floor of my apartment as I traveled down the hall, heavy thoughts in my head. My stomachs churned nervously as I reached the door of our bedroom, I felt sick at the thought of another night of Nick trying to be close to me again. I was afraid, I always had been.

Pumpkin Fettuccine Alfredo

The glittering lights along with the gigantic candy apples are sure to get you that kiss at the end of the night. Hit the pumpkin patch and then come back home for a fun night getting your hands dirty! Sparks are bound to fly! Virgo Two cooks in the kitchen- This date is all about impressing the other in the kitchen!

dating – ‫تعود‬ dats – DATS daughter – ‫ابنة‬ daughterinlaw – daughterinlaw daughters – ‫بنات‬ dave – ‫ديف‬ david – ‫ديفيد‬ davis – ‫ديفيس‬ dawg – ‫دوغ‬ dawn – ‫فجر‬ dawning – ‫بزوغ‬ day – ‫يوم‬.

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20 Hilariously Awesome Pumpkin Carvings You Have To See

Origins[ edit ] Before the s, “airhead” was general American slang for a ditzy, clumsy or stupid person. These airheads, material girls or gold diggers were stereotypically viewed by their classmates as unintelligent, gossipy [18] bimbettes who were interested solely in spreading rumors about their rivals and entering relationships with the wealthy jocks.

In the songs “Hard in the Paint” by Tyga and “I’m not a Human Being” by Lil Wayne , the singers insist that they are not basic bitches, while in the song “Basic Bitch” by The Game , the singer warns others to avoid basic bitches because they are fake. From the s [26] until the early s, both guys and girls from the predominantly white popular clique often combined budget preppy [27] clothes with supposedly edgy elements of mainstream hip-hop fashion , in imitation of the outfits worn by early adopter black rappers such as Kanye West.

pumpkin youre dating an asshole. pumpkin youre dating an asshole. Visit. cunnilingus and psychiatry brought us to this. If Hanji, Levi, Mike and Erwin were in a Titan together drinkyourfuckingmilk. Attack on titan Attack on Titan funny Attack on Titan (Comics) Attack On Titan Ships Levi Ackerman Hanji.

Preread by Tbone he is the sexiest thing you will ever meet Edited by TheDarkAngel A well done drawing of Honored Service by marking This is what a not as old and combat tested version of Honored’s M16 would look like. The pain was dying down to a dull throbbing. I stuck the wounded appendage in my mouth and like a toddler, began to suck on my thumb that I had hit with the hammer.

Being as strong as an earth pony definitely had its perks, like hitting a three inch nail into wood in one easy swing, but then again, if I missed Which is why I was sucking my thumb. I glared at the hammer that was responsible for my pain. This would be so much easier if I could have a nail gun. Then maybe setting up the framework wouldn’t be such a pain!

The basement was mainly completed, minus a floor. The packed dirt would have to go eventually. Right now I was just trying to build a rough frame.

The Great Stuffed Pumpkin

To the average Nigerian, it needs no introduction because it has become one of the most important foods in the country, consumed by both the wealthy and the poor. This position was attained largely on account of its steady demand by the Nigerian populace for both domestic and commercial consumption. Due to urbanization, change in employment patterns, rapid population growth, change in diets of Nigerians on account of income expansion, rice has become a staple food to the average Nigerian leading to an increase in the demand — standing at an annual growth rate of about five percent.

Interestingly, Nigeria, which is the largest producer of rice in West Africa and the third in Africa after Egypt and Madagascar producing about 3 million metric tons on the average annually, falls short of meeting its local demand which is placed at about 5 million tons. This particular statistic makes her the highest consumer of rice in the West African sub region and the second largest importer in the world, buying at least 2 million tons annually.

Massive importation of the product from countries like India, China, Thailand etc, therefore, occur largely on account of the fact that the estimated amount of rice milled locally is placed at 1.

is a platform for academics to share research papers.

Professional cheerleading is not only cheering for a professional football team, but it’s also knowing as much tumbling tricks as possible and being part of a big team. Steps 1 First you should be dedicated to what you do Get really good at tumbling. Once you know all the basics rolls, walkovers, cartwheels, round-offs , try taking private lessons so you can learn harder tricks faster. Before you even start taking a gymnastics or tumbling class, you need to know a cartwheel, round off, back and front walkover, forward and backward roll, and a pike roll.

In your gymnastics class, learn handsprings, tucks, aerials, and other difficult tricks. It is better to take a gymnastics class, as this builds strength for cheerleading, flexibility, and tumbling skills. But, you can just take a tumbling class if you aren’t into gymnastics. If you are on your school’s cheer team, aim to become the cheerleader captain.

You need to be a wonderful cheerleader, the best in your team, even if you aren’t the captain. If there are none around, wait until you’re older and join a college division team level 6 all-star cheer.


Do you like Phil Collins? I’ve been a big Genesis fan ever since the release of their album, Duke. Before that, I really didn’t understand any of their work. Too artsy, too intellectual. It was on Duke where Phil Collins’ presence became more apparent.

the sixth panel on the right is blank you say there is a pumpkin there, but that is preposterous. what pumpkin? there is no pumpkin there and here was never one. 24 Struggles You’ll Only Understand If You’re Dating A PhD Student Gymnastics outfits Artistic Gymnastics Tumbling/ Gymnastics Rhythmic Gymnastics Gymnastics Stretches.

History Before organized cheerleading Cheerleading began during the late 18th century with the rebellion of male students. In response to faculty’s abuse, college students violently acted out. The undergraduates began to riot, burn down buildings located on their college campuses, and assault faculty members. As a more subtle way to gain independence, however, students invented and organized their own extracurricular activities outside their professors’ control.

This brought about American sports, beginning first with collegiate teams. Soon, that gesture of support crossed overseas to America. He transplanted the idea of organized crowds cheering at football games to the University of Minnesota. Thomas, Easton, and Guerin from Princeton’s classes of , , and , respectively, on October 26, These students would cheer for the team also at football practices, and special cheering sections were designated in the stands for the games themselves for both the home and visiting teams.

November 2, is the official birth date of organized cheerleading.

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