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In Georgia, two federal judges in separate circumstances dominated in favor of tallying beforehand discounted ballots, once more successful cheers from Democrats hoping to shut the hole in a intently watched race for governor. Supreme Court cut up alongside occasion strains in a ruling that determined the election of Republican George W. Bush over Democrat Al Gore. They confirmed two Supreme Court justices, 29 circuit court docket and 53 district judges. Republicans have teed up 35 extra judges for affirmation votes by the tip of the 12 months. Judge Walker, the chief decide for the Northern District of Florida, has a document of rulings favored by Democrats. He dominated in February in opposition to the state and ordered Gov. In September, he dominated in opposition to the state once more to require Spanish-language ballots, which was seen as a boon for Democrats amid an inflow of doubtless Democratic voters from Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. In one other ruling Thursday, he rejected a bid by Sen. Bill Nelson and different Democrats to increase the recount deadline for counties.

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A new study suggests the world of online dating appears to be just as segregated as the outside world, but those who use the sites appear willing to give interracial and interethnic dating a whirl if someone makes the first move, a new study finds. Users revert to their old preferences after a while, according to UC San Diego sociologist Kevin Lewis, author of the study.

Lewis looked at dating overtures and responses from the matchmaking site OKCupid. Most studies of bias are limited by people’s ability to mask prejudice — who wants to admit ethnic or racial bias? Scientists who instead analyze patterns of social networks often resort to data on long-term affiliations, such as marriage.

To figure out the most popular race and class combinations, FiveThirtyEight asked the makers of the online tool D&D Beyond for data. Their chart, which is based on over , characters.

Some are subtle like merely stating racial preference of sought mate while others are more obvious in their description. No black or Latin women please. I must admit some rejection lines people use are pretty racist and offensive to say the least. OR Your perfect partner could be online right now What are you looking for? White Irish or Italian is my preference, not into Latin women.

What is that supposed to mean? In another incident, XM Shade 45 radio show hosts were discussing about online dating.

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Current Case Fisher v. Texas In , several high school seniors who had been denied admission at the University of Texas-Austin filed a lawsuit. The students argued that the University of Texas could not use race as a factor in admission processes if there were other race-neutral options that would have the same results on diversity. A federal district judge found in favor of the University of Texas, stating that the University had complied with the admission requirements laid out in Grutter v.

Additionally, the court cited a University of Texas study from , which found that that year 79 percent of the university’s individual courses had zero or one African-American students and 30 percent of the courses had zero or one Hispanic students. Thus, the court decided that while race neutral options had been considered, these options were not a viable way for the University of Texas system to maintain and increase diversity.

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Admittedly, the dating game is not equal and it is not kind. Dating site OK Cupid has carved out a nice little sideline in blogging about the statistics of their more successful users , to try to help people along the way, busting myths about what does and does constitute a good profile photo and whether eating oatmeal correlates with people you’ll like or drinking beer correlates with sex on the first date.

But noting trends is not the same as endorsing them – and some trends are simply disturbing. The sheer number of cack-handed replies women of Asian ancestry get on dating sites has even spawned its own dedicated tumblr, Creepy White Guys. Hilarious if you are simply an outside observer, and probably pretty depressing if you’re someone getting these messages. It seems the objectification is hardly limited to dating websites, though, as comedy videos like “What kind of Asian are you?

It goes the other way as well, with women of all races preferring white men, apart from black women who prefer black men. Black men get low response rates when they contact other races. The difference between preference and prejudice may be a subtle one on the individual scale, but when you look at the trends, it’s clearly a problem. This isn’t the first time the phenomenon has been examined Research from UC Davis by sociologist Kevin Lewis noted that apart from men wanting to contact Asian women, people on the whole were less than keen to make contact outside their own race.

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Late December through Valentine’s Day is the busiest time of the year for dating apps and sites, according to Match. It’s sometimes called “cuffing season” — a nod to the idea that people want to find a serious relationship during the cold months. According to a Pew study conducted in , its most recent look at online dating, 59 percent of American adults say going online is a good way meet people — a 15 percent increase from a decade ago.

OkCupid’s founder, Christian Rudder, wrote in that dating preferences don’t necessarily make a person racist, but “the trend — that fact that race is a sexual factor for so many individuals, and in such a consistent way — says something about race’s role in our society.”.

Over time, that hieroglyph became a Phoenician letter, dalet, which then became the Greek letter delta, and finally the Roman letter D, which arrived in England along with most of the rest of the modern alphabet from continental Europe more than years ago. Although it too eventually fell out of use, it still survives in modern-day Icelandic.

Nowadays, D is one of the most frequently used letters of our alphabet, accounting for just over 4 percent of a standard page of English text or one out of every 25 letters , and roughly 2. Figuratively , it can be used as a nickname for greasy, lank hair, or for a tall, gangly person. DAWK A thick fog or mist. Other D phobias include dendrophobia trees , dromophobia running, or crossing roads , didaskaleinophobia school , dipsophobia alcohol , and doraphobia animal furs.

Someone who does precisely that is a dejerator. To depauperate them is to impoverish them, while to depulse them would be to drive them off. Figuratively, it can mean recklessness or audaciousness, or else any underhand, shady dealing. Literally, a woman who has let the tails of her dress drag through the rain or mud.

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His dating site is known for gathering enormous amounts of information about users — the more questions you answer about yourself, the better the site’s algorithm can, in theory, find you a match. Like other social sites, OkCupid keeps track of user data in order to make the site more effective. But, Rudder says, that information could also change the way we see ourselves. It’s true that data isn’t everything, he says.

Rudder collects some of that information in his book Dataclysm:

NPRcouple’s AdultFriendFinder profile page. Check out more members on the world’s largest adult dating site.

Asian women were proclaimed the most desired race in online dating but possibly from having high response rates from targeting less desirable men It’s been reported by NPR , and Quartz that AF are the most desired race in online dating. This has often been cited on this sub, and was cause for celebration among some. The previous video would leave anyone skeptical of these findings, and there’s even an Asian woman in the NPR article who is herself unable to make sense of it.

All men except Asians preferred Asian women I’ll explain these “preferences” by drawing on the the older age of users on AYI and by using one of the main principles of this sub Asian women are hypergamous when seeking Asian partners and hypogamous when seeking non-Asian partners How the App Works The data shown above come from the Facebook dating app, Are You Interested AYI , which works like this: Problem with Measuring Preferences from Response Rates The preferences are inferred by response rates.

If a woman does message someone, it’ll typically be because the man is in a comparatively higher percentile of attractiveness to begin with i.

You’re not as pretty as Asians.

For example, the word “Blue” in “Blu-ray” purposely leaves out the ‘e. To see more, visit http: On our stage right now, we have Virginia Roberts and Grant Roberts. You guys are visiting from Seattle, and I take it perhaps you are married with the same last name? We’ll see how it goes.

Oct 21,  · Dating applications can allow users to fall into their own racial biases while searching for a partner, a new study says. But in their study, researchers from schools like Cornell University say the “sexual racism” that plagues apps like Grindr, Tinder and .

ET June 6 On Tuesday, California held its congressional primaries and in one largely rural district, there was a new kind of money entering politics: In California’s 4th Congressional District, one political novice bought his way into relevance using the social network, and has helped shape a hotly contested Democratic race, stirring up animosity in the process.

Taken together, its 99 articles represent the biggest ever change to data privacy laws. The new rules have implications for U. Here are answers to three questions you might have about the new law and its potential impacts. To see more, visit http: Despite criticism for sharing disinformation and sharing people’s data, Facebook reported another quarter of record earnings. NPR’s Aarti Shahani reports.

He’s not a young math geek who builds driverless cars, nor does he promise to make a tech product for the masses. His crusade is different. The year-old year old Shefet has staged an astonishingly effective campaign in Europe to thwart the torrent of fake news and damaging personal attacks that course through the Internet by taking on the tech giants. He issued a statement which he posted to his own Facebook page addressing the controversy over how an outside firm harvested the profiles of 50 million Facebook users.

Now it’s time for All Tech Considered. The move signals that, in an effort to combat the problem of fake news, the social media giant is willing to play a kind of editorial role — making decisions based on substance, not just how viral a headline may be.

Girl Chat: Does Dating Hinge on Race?