Lies of Little Miss Misery – memoir of abused girl is a fake, says new investigation

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Maggie Grace

This is part of a longer e-novel. The Prologue also provides the full set of story codes for all parts. While Nick was in school, Maggie was having a very restless day. In truth, she had a general problem that she had too much time on her hands.

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In fact, as this investigation reveals, Kathy O’Beirne had cynically made it all up Within her bestselling memoir, a harrowing tale of childhood brutality and sexual abuse, Kathy O’Beirne claims: Ms O’Beirne, who was brought up just outside Dublin, reveals in lurid detail the years she spent as a slave to sadistic nuns in the notorious Magdalene laundries, how she was raped there by two priests, gave birth at the age of 13, how nuns sold babies born at the laundries and how she had her hand thrust into boiling fat by her alcoholic father.

Scroll down for more Her heart-rending account has become the most successful non-fiction book ever written by an Irish writer, with almost , copies sold, and has made the author an icon among other abuse victims. But today I can reveal that the Devil may not have been involved in creating this publishing phenomenon at all. For the hell evoked in Kathy’s Story: Don’t Ever Tell appears to have been dreamed up by the author. My year-long investigation into Ms O’Beirne’s oft-repeated claims has found compelling evidence that her book is based on little more than fantasy, and certainly not on events in her own life.

According to official records and eyewitness statements, Kathy O’Beirne was never in a Magdalene laundry – institutions run by the Roman Catholic church to house “fallen women” and unmarried mothers, who were required to undertake hard physical labour such as laundry work. The daughter she claims she bore at the age of 13 did not exist. And a priest who allegedly raped and beat her suffered from such severe arthritis he could not even shake hands.

Maggie’s Turn

This is part of a longer e-novel. It’s highly recommended that you start with the Prologue and read the parts sequentially, in order to understand the characters and previous events. The Prologue also provides the full set of story codes for all parts. Nick and HIllary split up and tried the doors.

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Even if the memories of abuse are hidden from the survivor’s awareness, blocked trauma / unresolved trauma creates very noticeable and obvious symptoms that can be easily seen in their every day lives.

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